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Vectron Deburring is a world leader in the elimination of burrs and other process anomalies from small and large parts.  Specializing in thermal deburring, electro-chemical deburring (ECD) and other surface treatment and cleaning services Vectron has developed a flawless reputation for servicing medium and high volume customers since 1972.

Located in Northern Ohio and has in excess of  50,000 square feet of manufacturing area and over 100 employees dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

One of the hidden costs in many metal cutting or casting operations is the cost of deburring.  This task is either done by the operator or by a secondary operation.  In either case, the time that this requires and scrap that is produced is often hidden in the overall cost of the operation.  Vectron can help you to identify these hidden costs and attack them! 

Burrs are our business!  Call or email us.  A qualified factory Sales Engineer will respond and discuss your requirements.

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Pronunciation: 'b&r
Function: noun
: a thin ridge or area of roughness produced in cutting or shaping metal

Pronunciation: 'kost-&-'fek-tiv, -"fek-
Function: adjective
: economical in terms of tangible benefits produced by money spent <cost–effective measures to combat poverty>
- cost-ef·fec·tive·ness noun

Source:  Merriam-Webster dictionary

Pronunciation: 'Vec tron
Function: noun
: A cost-effective solution to burrs and the problems associated with them.


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